top 5 best Acapulco hotels

  • 26/06/2018

5th -Grand HotelImage result for grand hotel acapulco
It has a privileged location in one of the most exclusive beaches of Acapulco, with a spectacular view of the famous bay, located near the main restaurants, shopping centers and nightlife.

Live a total service of excellence, enjoying the most exquisite dishes, and feeling the warmth that characterizes us, conjugated with the highest standards of quality and comfort. You can also experience thImage result for princess mundo imperiale elegance and good taste of its rooms and areas in general, so that fun and pleasure last throughout your stay.

4 ° -Princess Mundo Imperial Acapulco
Relax in classic and elegant rooms and suites decorated in a tropical Mexican style and enjoy the enviable views of the Pacific Ocean, gardens, pools, and resort fountains. Lie down on a lounger by the edge of any of the three beautiful pools or take a stroll along the Revolcadero beach, one of the most frequented in the area.

Perform a wide range of activities such as playing professional golf, playing a game at one of the five outdoor tennis courts, practicing water sports, taking advantage of the supervised children's club to drop off your children-

Savor the excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the award-winning wine list of the Tabachín restaurant and bar, or enjoy a snack by the pool at the La Terraza restaurant and bar.Image result for resort mundo imperial

3 ° -Resort Mundo Imperial Acapulco
Magnificent design, modern luxury, impeccable service and stimulating scenarios facing the sea. The guests of Mundo Imperial Hotels & Resorts enjoy all this and more, conseiderado one of the most luxurious hotels in Acapulco, is our 3rd place in the list, of the hotels that maintain a traditional model, it is the most luxurious without any Doubt, however, is overwhelmed by the completely different concepts of the following 2 hotels, but do not be fooled, this hotel offers you the greatest luxuries of Acapulco.

2 ° -Las Brisas Acapulco
Definitely the "Oasis" of Acapulco, being the tip of luxury in the port, offering a completely new concept in relaxation and exuberance, what makes Las Brisas Acapulco different from the rest of the hotels is its completely different model, which involves individual houses distributed by the scenic avenue (which does not have that name in vain) and that promises guests a completely different experience than the other hotels.Image result for las brisas acapulco

Not only that, but also offers a beach club completely EXCLUSIVE for its guests, which not only characterized by its beautiful natural saltwater pools, access to the beach and the most beautiful freshwater pools, but also by its wonderful cuisine, where you can taste Acapulco's most exquisite lobsters, is an experience that you can not really miss when you visit Acapulco, especially for being able to taste the traditional seasoning at its best.

1 ° - Banyan Tree
Undoubtedly the most luxurious hotel in all of Acapulco, and like Las Brisas, although they are in a close tie, this hotel takes first place due to the amount of luxury that this offers, the concept of This hotel are small cabins with a very elegant and high class theme, being smoothed and creating a completely new environment inside the hotel.Image result for banyan tree acapulco

It can be considered practically a small community apart from the city, since in the Banyan Tree hotel you can have completely different experiences to those of a traditional hotel.

If what you are looking for is the greatest possible luxury, Banyan Tree is the hotel that will not be left behind, if you like more information about the hotels I will leave you the specialized sites of each one.

Still do not know what hotel to book and want more information? Call us! +52 (744) 480 1319 our advisors will gladly assist you and provide you with all the necessary information of each hotel, prices and comparisons.

The exclusive pages of each hotel: Las brisas Acapulco - Banyan tree - Princess Mundo Imperial - Resort Mundo Imperial

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